Crypt of the Everflame

Bad feeling

Upon vanquishing the shadowy monstrosity, we search the area for an exit. Finding none, we decide to backtrack and see if the key that Maira found would work on either of the doors in the mysterious “Magic is the key” room. Surprisingly, the key fits the south west door, and – after searching for traps – we decide to go through and continue our journey.

We come upon a room with nothing but a bench facing a large mural. The mural is a depiction of the legendary hero Kassen fighting off what appears to be a mercenary. Bodies are strewn all around in the picture, and the village in the background was aflame. Suddenly a chilling thought crossed my mind: “What if Kassen wasn’t the hero of this village? What if everyone got it wrong, and he was actually the villain??” Shaking off this disturbing thought, we continue down the corridor until we come across a large room with a pillar in the center. There are hundreds of arrows protruding out from the pillar, which can only mean something horrible is about to happen.

As we enter the room, the pillar starts to rotate violently. As we run for cover, we hear several whooshing noises. Not really caring to look back and see what the noise is, I continue running until I am struck by three blunted arrows. Lucky these things are blunt, I thought to myself. Achingly, I get up and search the room for the others.

Adokul had tried the door to the south, but given the sounds of large, half-orc fists beating on the door, I’m guessing that didn’t work out too well. Instinctively, I sprint to the door to the East, and it opens without a hassle. Bad news: there’s no way to open it from this side…I hope the others saw me come through here…Before long, Trent busts through the door, followed shortly by Adokul, who was dragging an unconscious Maira along behind him. She must have taken quite a few blows, I think to myself. I rush over to her and press my hand upon her forehead, praying to Erastil for the strength to heal her wounds. A warm light covers her body, and before long she is back on her feet.
It doesn’t take us long to recognize where we were. We’ve been here before; this is where we met that poor…distraught…soul. I hope he’s faring better than we, I muse. We decide to go back to the magic key room and try the other door. Surprised again, the key works on this door as well!

This door leads to a narrow corridor. On either side of the hallway there are statues of warriors with swords draw. Some swords are sheathed while others remain sharp, giving off an eerie glimmer. Roughly halfway through this corridor, I spring a trap, bringing down one of the swords upon me – of course, it had to be one of the sharp ones…Luckily, though, the trap triggered all of the swords to come down, so we won’t have to worry about dodging any more sharp, falling things…now just to navigate through the rest of the corridor across the fallen blades. As I clamber across one of the blades, a sharp pain strikes my hand. I look down, and it’s been sliced by one of the swords. I hear Trent wince slightly from behind, and can only assume that he also slipped on one of the swords. At the end of the surprisingly deadly corridor is a door. Not thinking, and wanting to get out of this death trap, I hastily open it and walk on through. I can hear Sir Dramott’s voice in my head docking me points for not checking for traps…

As we all enter this new room, the first thing we notice is a huge statue of Kassen. Like literally, huge. In each of his hands, he wields a wooden shield. On one shield, the word ‘Home’ is engraved. On the other, the word ‘Family.’ Well, he can’t be that bad of a guy, I think to myself. Home and family are too peaceful of thoughts for a bad guy.

We decide to rest here for the night, taking watches in case more of the undead decide to wander into the room. During my watch, I can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen…and that maybe this Kassen guy wasn’t all he’s made to be…


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