Crypt of the Everflame

The Column of Infinite Arrows

Something tells me that this Crypt is a bit more than the village has expected. We seem to have found ourselves in the middle of the work of some evil necromancy. It may be more of a challenge than the town had planned for us, but as a cleric of Iomedae it is my solemn duty to do everything in my power to clear this crypt and rescue the sibling of that poor crazy man in the closet.
Thankfully, we were able to rest well during the night, we were not discovered by the evil right outside our door, and the barrier that I put up held. Having beaten the golem, I knew it was time to advance into the room with that awful spinning column of arrows. We took the shields from the golem and used them to defend ourselves from the blunted arrows. We went in as pairs but even with me and Adoku blocking most of the arrows, some of them still got through and hit Myra and Alistar taking cover behind us. We had to retreat back into the hallway and after recovering from some very sore bruises, we were not sure what to do. It was then that Alistar grabbed one of the shields and ran into the room and got to the door with the key and managed to get it open before the column could give him a very sore beating. As soon as he turned the key the pillar shut down and we passed safely into the next room.
Unfortunately, thinking that maybe we finally were about to get a break, we did not check the next room very carefully and got ambushed by 4 bloody skeletons. Thinking that I may have led my party into certain doom, I was relieved to see how well they handled themselves. Adoku smashed the skeletons with his heavy blows while I channeled energy into them to disrupt the energy that bound them together and Alistar and Myra kept the arrows and bolts coming from range. It was a fine show of combat prowess and I am sure they made the angelic hosts of Light proud. As soon as the skeletons were beaten, we noticed the dark staircase going deep into the ground before us.


Jarquafelmu scotterk

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